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Thinking about buying a floating home in Seattle? Seattle Floating homes or Seattle Houseboats are a completely different Seattle real estate choice and can offer an amazing lifestyle, but with that comes a different purchasing process.  We are here to help you every step of the way! 
 PRO TIP:  Looking for a Seattle floating home that is on a co-op dock or condo style dock is considered the be the most secure choice when it comes to this type of real estate ownership for Seattle houseboats.
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 Floating Home Moorage Types:  The Big Question when it comes to Seattle Houseboats and Purchasing Options
Type of Houseboat Moorage is going to be a big issue when considering purchasing a floating home in Seattle.  The type of moorage a floating home comes with can vary from dock to dock, but luckily most Seattle houseboats have moved towards cooperative (co-op) and condo style ownerships where the homeowners own and control the dock and the submerged land under it.  This can cost more up front in purchase price, but greatly benefits the Seattle houseboat home buyer going forward.  In some cases you can have fee simple ownership of your actual submerged lot and also be on a condo owned dock. Roanoke Reef floating homes are a good example of this situation.
Lake Union Moorage for Seattle Houseboats:  In the past until the last few decades Lake Union moorage has been primarily month to month or leased which carried the risk of unknown higher monthly dock fees.  The docks were owned by an entity other than the floating home homeowners and there was a greater degree of uncertainty as a result.   Luckily, ownership of these docks proved to not be profitable and houseboat homeowners have been able to purchase their docks collectively in many cases through the years. 

Examples of Seattle houseboats with owned moorage docks in Lake Union include:
  The Log Foundation, Phoenix Moorage, The Lake Union, 2460 Sleepless, Fairview Landing, Nesika Chuck, Tenas Chuck, Willow Co-op, DOX, Westlake Cove, but there are many more as well.  Obviously, Roanoke Reef Floating Homes and Mallard Cove would also be included.